Horst Arts & Music Festival is back with a bang!

One of our all-time favourite festivals, Horst Arts & Music has announced the complete lineup for its 2023 festival. The Vilvoorde (avant-garde) electronic yet hip arts and music festival, which will be held at Asiatpark from May 5 to 7, will feature more than 100 artists across six stages, with a strong emphasis on local acts. In addition to headliners such as dBridge & Donato Dozzy, Evian Christ, Maayan Nidam, Calibre, Rosa Pistola and DJ Fuckoff & Narciss, the festival will welcome a diverse array of Belgian DJs, including DJ Athome, Mab’ish, Dana Kuehr, Ben Kamal, Adi, AliA, and more.

The festival will also feature fascinating back2back sets with local artists paired with more renowned talents. Additionally, Resident Advisor and Brussels community radio Kiosk Radio will host a stage on each festival day. Resident Advisor will host the iconic Rotunda stage, featuring headliners such as Skin On Skin, Rosa Pistola, and DJ Travella, while Kiosk Radio will take over the Moon Ra stage with a focus on local acts from all corners of Belgium as well as international artists.

Horst is also working with Bottega Veneta on an ambitious on-site installation for the festival. French artist Marc Leschelier explores the dysfunctionality of architecture in a pavilion of draped concrete, while Angolan-Zambian artist Maria Muehombo (MIMI) designs a hidden garden as a secret refuge. The Sicilian artist Elisa Giardina Papa and the Moroccan artist Meriem Bennani create several video installations.

Asiat, the home of the festival, consists of 6 hectares of urban space with more than twenty warehouses, in different sizes and shapes, divided into a maze of corridors, green urban spaces and two iconic cooling towers in the background. As such it allows one of the most unique venues for the festival, and by default an atmosphere like no other. We can’t wait to roam it all over again!

The complete lineup of Horst Arts & Music Festival 2023 (a-z) includes Adi, AliA, Ampe, Anu, Aw Shucks, Bajatière, Bass Toast, Beatrice, Ben Kamal, Bitter Babe & Nick León, Bjeor & Fafi Abdel Nour, Bored Lord, Calibre, Cleveland, Dana Kuehr, dBridge & Donato Dozzy, Dienne, DJ Athome, DJ FamilyMart, DJ Fuckoff & Narciss, DJ Perception, DJ Travella, Dolphins Into The Future, Donia, DTM Funk & Errol, Elvira, Emma DJ & Otis, Evian Christ, Fais Le Beau, For All Queens! with Kevin Aviance, DJ Delish and Arakaza (hosted by MC Zelda Fitzgerald), Gayance, Genou Fragile, Half Queen, Hicham, Jamz Supernova, Jane Fitz & Carl H., Jennifer Loveless, Jerrau, Job Jobse, Joe Delon, KI/KI, Kia, King Kami, Kuba’97 & Rino, Lefto, Liquid Earth, livwutang, Luca Borsato, Maayan Nidam, Mab’ish, Mad Miran & Mankiyan, Mad Professor, Malika, Mama Snake & Spekki Webu, Mamiko Motto, Meg10, Merve, Monstera Occulta, NAJIB, Naty Seres, Nikki Nair, Nosedrip & Aroh, Orpheu The Wizard, R.D.P.T.V., Regularfantasy, Rey Colino, Rosa Pistola, SASS (Moxie, Peach, Saoirse, Shanti Celeste), S-candalo, Shabbi, Skin On Skin, Stella Zekri, Tammo Hesselink, Vieira, Vox supreme, Walrus, Waltur, Yazzus, Yb3L, and Zohar.

The very last tickets are available at – https://www.horstartsandmusic.com/

Photo by Illias Teirlinck

Photo by Antoine Grenez