Chroma: Brussels’ Newest Queer Pop-Electro Bash

Brussels is no stranger to vibrant nightlife, but come this Friday, November 10th, the city is about to witness a fresh wave of color and sound with the debut of Chroma. Tailor-made for the queer community and their allies, Chroma is not just a party; it’s a statement—a celebration of diversity and unity, pulsating to a Pop-Electro beat.

As the clock strikes 10:30 PM, the doors of the famed Rue des Chartreux venue will swing open, welcoming party-goers into a world where the music is loud, the atmosphere is electric, and the night is young—all the way until 6:00 AM.

Behind the decks, DJ Stewie Layhe, renowned for his electrifying sets at La Demence, H.I.M, and FLASH, will be sharing the stage with DJ Alex Chesko, another crowd favorite from the FLASH Club scene. Their beats promise to keep you moving, creating a soundtrack for a night of uninhibited celebration.

Ticketing is savvy, with early birds rewarded with a reduced price via the Eventbrite link provided. For those spontaneous spirits deciding last-minute, tickets will be available at the door for 15€—a small price to pay for an unforgettable night in the heart of Brussels.

A safe haven, Chroma is more than just a party. It’s a commitment to a discrimination-free zone, a place where racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and any form of hate have no place. The organizers are clear: respect is the rule, and any behavior to the contrary will not be tolerated. This same policy applies to substance use; Chroma is about natural highs brought by good music and better company.

Chroma is set to be a new concept in Brussels’ queer nightlife crown. So, whether you’re there for the music, the message, or the chance to dance the night away with friends who feel like family, Chroma is the place to be.

Instagram : @chroma_brussels

Tickets : Eventbrite