Unleashing the bea(s)t: CANINE Party’s Fierce Return

Get ready for the electrifying return of CANINE party, promising a night of pulsating beats and queer energy. After two sold-out nights, the third edition, curated by Fuse, boasts a lineup featuring Narciss, Nene H, Odymel, and STDJ for an unforgettable 9-hour dance marathon in Room 01.

On Friday, December 15, The third edition promises a musical journey curated to perfection, with Narciss headlining the night. Known for their body-moving grooves, Narciss is set to elevate the dance floor to new heights. Joining the ranks are Nene H, a favorite among underground DJs and producers, the rising star Odymel, and the electrifying beats of STDJ. Together, they form a lineup that is bound to keep you on your feet and immersed in the pulsating rhythm for a full 9 hours.

CANINE understands the importance of balance, so head upstairs for breaks to a relaxation space for a recharge lulled by the ambient sound of Sonhan before diving back into the vibrant beats below.

CANINE party’s third edition promises an immersive journey into the heart of Brussels nightlife. Unleash your wild side, dance to the beats, and celebrate liberation in a night that’s more than just a party—it’s a musical experience.