Queer Mais Trash Lights Up Brussels with its Sixth Edition at Courts Mais Trash Festival

Get ready for a cinematic extravaganza as Queer Mais Trash returns for its sixth edition, integrated into the vibrant Courts Mais Trash Festival, and set to captivate the hearts of the LGBTQIA+ community in Brussels. This groundbreaking celebration of independent cinema, with a dedicated focus on LGBTQIA+ narratives, promises unapologetic inclusion, deconstruction of binarities, and a revolutionary blend of art and activism.

Traditionally held in May, this year’s Queer Mais Trash will light up the screens of the Riches-Claires theater on Wednesday, January 31. Despite its more condensed format, organizers assure attendees that the festival’s essence and commitment to quality programming remain intact. The event will feature a diverse lineup, including a school session, a short film showcase, and the intriguing “Queer Mais Super Sex” session, ensuring a range of cinematic experiences that cater to diverse tastes within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

What sets Queer Mais Trash apart is its interactive nature, inviting the audience to be active participants. The festival proudly awards a €500 prize for the best queer film, determined by the public, reinforcing the inclusive spirit that defines the event. The goal is to break down barriers and foster inclusivity for all.

Courts Mais Trash and Queer Mais Trash serve as crucial platforms for filmmakers who often struggle to find representation in mainstream cinema. These festivals amplify voices and narratives rarely heard, breathing life into the Brussels cultural scene. By bringing filmmakers closer to the audience, both events create a symbiotic relationship where the public becomes a vital part of an underground cinematic revolution.

Beyond the screenings, the festivities continue with the unmissable After Trash Parties. The “Karaoké Mais Trash” is a highlight, alongside concerts that promise to keep the energy alive. For the first time, attendees can also take part in a Trash Bingo hosted by Edna Sorgelsen, a notable participant in the first Drag Race Belgique. The bar of the Riches-Claires theater will be the epicenter of these gatherings, providing a space for celebration and community bonding.

Courts Mais Trash, now in its 19th year, joins forces with Queer Mais Trash to kick off the cinematic calendar in Brussels. From January 29 to February 3, 2024, the Riches-Claires theater will transform into a haven for underground, independent, political, fun, gory, broke, and offbeat cinema. As an added treat, food trucks will be stationed on select evenings, ensuring that attendees can refuel and recharge between screenings, enhancing the overall festival experience.

Queer Mais Trash at Courts Mais Trash is not just a film festival; it’s a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and the power of cinema to challenge norms and inspire change. Mark your calendars, and join the revelry as Brussels welcomes the new year with a cinematic bang that promises to be daring, different, and definitively Queer Mais Trash.

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Queer Mais Trash 19h00 salle 2 + 19h30 salle 1

Short movies :

  • Coming Out Autistic, Steven Fraser, UK 3:55
  • Les Abeilles d’Eau Douce, Emma Kanouté, BE 8:32
  • Martha Da’ro – Fast Life, Cyprien Bourrec, BE 3:39
  • CATHARSIS, Aymeric Van Aerschot, BE 19:45
  • Adama, Dan Meyer, BE 5:21
  • PUP Perfect, Henry Baker 16:47 M

Queer Mais Super Sex

21h00 salle 2 + 21h15 salle 1

Short movies :

  • Speed Date, Jan Soldat, DE 0:55
  • Les Dieux du Supermarché, Alberto Gonzalez Morales, CH 7:55
  • Prends moi dans les bois, Bande James Bond // Ernesto Fag //Popo la sodo // cilu dièl // Fantom Ass // thermostat 7,BE 3:45
  • Deep Queer Massacre, Mathieu Morel, FR 29:14
  • Pussy Gazing, abcde Flash, CH 6:50
  • Auto/Visuel, Menelas, GR 9:18
  • House of Whoreship, Holly Laura Bates, AUS 15:40


22h30 in the bar