Countdown to Listen Festival: Today In-Focus – Listen x Sono Ventura

As the Spring Break holidays unfold from March 26 to 31, music enthusiasts in Brussels are in for an incredible experience as Listen Festival returns for another edition. The festival promises to be a celebration of music and diversity, featuring 105 artists in 18 events across 12 different locations. 

Today in-focus Listen x Sono Ventura
Scheduled to take place at UMI Club (formerly Zodiak) on March 29th. Sono Ventura, more than a mere record store nestled in the heart of Brussels, stands as one of Europe’s hidden gems. It serves as a curated haven for some of the most creative and innovative labels in electronic music, striking a unique balance between timeless classics and cutting-edge sounds.

The lineup for this event promises a diverse musical experience, featuring artists such as Ben Kamal, DC Salas, DJ Sweet6teen, Ivan Smagghe, Nikita, and Soja. Adding to the rhythm of the night, the Sono Ventura Soundsystem will be in action, transforming UMI Club into a lively dancefloor. This curated selection of talent reflects Sono Ventura‘s dedication to musical diversity, offering attendees a night filled with varied and engaging performances.

Ben Kamal, known for his genre-blending prowess, will craft a sonic journey that transcends traditional boundaries. DC Salas, a local favorite, brings his signature blend of house and techno, promising a seamless fusion of rhythms that captivate the audience. DJ Sweet6teen injects a dose of energy into the lineup, while the internationally acclaimed Ivan Smagghe showcases his eclectic taste and innovative mixes.

Nikita and Soja, rising stars in the electronic music scene, add their unique flavors to the mix, ensuring an unforgettable night of musical exploration. Finally, the Sono Ventura Soundsystem, the heartbeat of the event, will bring the carefully curated selections from their record store to life, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the ethos of Listen Festival.

As the countdown to Listen Festival continues, the anticipation for the Listen x Sono Ventura event grows. Music enthusiasts in Brussels are gearing up for a night that promises not only to entertain but to elevate the spirit of the city’s thriving electronic music scene. Get ready to lose yourself in the beats, melodies, and vibes that define the essence of Listen x Sono Ventura—a night that will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the memories of all who attend.

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