As the Spring Break holidays unfold from March 26 to 31, music enthusiasts in Brussels are gearing up for an extraordinary experience with the return of Listen Festival. This celebration of music and diversity will feature 105 artists in 18 events across 12 different locations.

Today in Focus – Rave in the Brussels underground web of tunnels beneath Louise Square – March 31st

Looking for an adventure that’ll make your Instagram followers green with envy? Look no further than Listen Festival’s latest coup: The Tunnels Rave, happening Sunday, March 31st. We’re taking you deep beneath Brussels’ streets for a party that’s set to redefine your idea of nightlife.

Imagine this: beneath the iconic Louiza-square lies a network of tunnels waiting to be transformed into the ultimate party playground. And yes, you heard it right – Listen festival is turning turning not one, not two, but three tunnels into the hottest spot in town.

But it’s not just the venue that’s blowing minds – it’s the lineup too. Listen has curated a roster of DJs that’ll have you moving and grooving all night long. From the electrifying beats of VTSS and Héctor Oaks to the dynamic duo of C.J. Bolland B2B Nosedrip, we’re bringing you the sounds that’ll keep you coming back for more.

And here’s the cherry on top: Monday, April 1st is a bank holiday, so you can dance ’til dawn without worrying about that pesky alarm clock. It’s the ultimate excuse to let your hair down, make memories, and discover a side of Brussels you never knew existed. Go ahead – live a little.

So grab your squad and get ready to experience a night that’s straight out of a dream. The Tunnels Rave is your ticket to the underground party of the year – don’t miss out!