Brussels wins best LGBTQ-Event Destination at Spartacus Travel Awards

The International Tourism Fair (ITB) on March 6 was the stage for the Spartacus Travel Awards, an esteemed event celebrating the best in LGBTQ-friendly travel. This year’s accolades were awarded to industry leaders like Seabourn cruise company, German airline Condor, the renowned gay resort Island House Key West, with special honors going to destinations Brussels and Taiwan for their exceptional offerings to LGBTQ tourism.

Brussels: A Melting Pot of LGBTQ Festivities

In a significant recognition, Brussels was named the Best LGBTQ-Event Destination, a title that celebrates the city’s dynamic mix of cultures and its welcoming spirit. The award was graciously accepted by, the official tourism board of the city, which has been at the forefront of promoting Brussels as an inclusive destination.

A Decade of Dedicated LGBTQIA+ Marketing

The spotlight shone brightly on Frederick Boutry, who has been leading the LGBTQIA+ marketing efforts for the region for over a decade. His dedication and work in making Brussels a vibrant and inclusive destination were honored as he received the award on behalf of

Brussels’ Legacy of LGBTQ Inclusivity

The capital city’s rich diversity is perhaps best exemplified through its LGBTQ events, such as La Demence, one of the oldest and most celebrated LGBTQ circuit parties in Europe. Additionally, Brussels Pride, which opens the annual series of Pride events across Europe every May, along with Belgium Bear Pride and the Pink Screens Film Festival, firmly establishes Brussels as a leading destination for LGBTQ travelers seeking a diverse and welcoming atmosphere.

Why Brussels Leads as an LGBTQ-Event Destination

This accolade from the Spartacus Travel Awards highlights Brussels’ exceptional commitment to LGBTQ inclusivity and celebration. Under the guidance of and the dedicated efforts of individuals like Frederick Boutry, Brussels has created a welcoming space that celebrates diversity through an array of events that cater to the LGBTQ community.

Photo : Empire media