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Drag Race Belgique season 2 episode 6 review 

Did you all have the chance to see this week’s episode yet? Drag Race Belgique is broadcasted every week on Thursday on Auvio and Sunday on Tipik.    

This is our review of the episode so this article contains major spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, do that and come back later.    

After Chloe Clarke won for the first time and Star was eliminated, the queens are back in the werkroom. Gabanna who won the lipsync washes away Star’s message on the mirror.  

It’s a new day in the werkroom, and for the mini-challenge, the library is open. The queens must read each other to filth. La Veuve‘s wins. 

The maxi-challenge is announced and it is the acting challenge! The competitors must act in the “Crime du Drag Express”, an adaptation of Agatha Christie. La Veuve must assign roles. Rita Baga is giving them directions to shoot the scenes. 

Back to the werkroom, it’s time to get ready for the runway and to learn a little bit more about the queens. They decide to talk about what they think about men and one night stands. La Veuve explains there is an overconsumption of sex int the LBTQIA+ community. Alvilda feels experiencing one night stands helped her get to know what she likes and wants and that there shoulbn’t be any shame in it. She reveals she takes PrEP and thinks everyone should know about it for safety. 

We move to the main stage and get together with the judges. Lio, Mustii and the guest judge: the stylist Coralie Barbier. 

The runway theme is “Tenue saxy!”. We are very impressed by Alvilda’s Jean-Paul Gaultier-inspired destructured saxophone but all of the queens have strong outfits on this runway.   

In the acting challenge, La Veuve and Alvilda are very funny. Gabanna and Chloe are struggling with their lines and Loulou seems to lack a little confidence.  

Gabanna is safe. La Veuve is the winner for this episode. Alvilda is also in the top.     

Loulou and Chloe have to lipsync for their life on “Trustfall” by Pink. Loulou wins the lipsync and gets to stay. Chloe sadly becomes the fifth queen of the season to sashay away.    

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