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Drag Race Belgique season 2 episode 4 review 

Did you all have the chance to see this week’s episode yet? Drag Race Belgique is broadcasted every week on Thursday on Auvio and Sunday on Tipik.   

This is our review of the episode so this article contains major spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, do that and come back later.   

After Madame Yoko’s elimination, the queens are back in the werkroom. La Veuve won the lipsync. It is time for her to wash away Yoko’s message on the mirror.  

It’s a new day in the werkroom, and for the mini-challenge, the queens must demonstrate their talent by dancing the chacha in quick drag.  

The maxi-challenge is announced and it is the drag government challenge. Star who just won the mini-challenge must assign a ministry. The contestants must create a speech presenting a law project. Star decides to assign the themes the most opposed to some of the queens to give herself an advantage. 

Rita Baga visits the drag artists to discuss their ideas. Most of them look to be struggling with this challenge and Rita all gives them advice to better their speeches. 

Back to the werkroom, it’s time to get ready for the runway and to learn a little bit more about the queens. They decide to talk about finding love while doing drag. Star is married and found love eighteen years ago. All the others queen explain it usually is difficult finding someone while doing drag. Loulou Velvet and Morphae explain they are often touched without consent by people, especially women. They encourage people to be more respectful and always ask for consent. 

We move to the main stage and get together with the judges. Lio, Mustii and the guest judge: the singer Gustaph who represented Belgium at Eurovision Song Contest last year.  

Gabanna, La Veuve, and Alvilda’s speeches are very funny. Star and Chloe Clarke are struggling with the French language. Morphae and Loulou are not able to finish their speech before the end of the minute. 

The runway theme is “1001 Belgique à l’Eurovision”. We are very impressed by Gabanna in a latex version of Liliane Saint-Pierre and Alvilda’s Gustaph XXL impersonation. We are less impressed by Star an Chloe’s outfit. 

Rita tells everyone that Gabanna and Star cheated. They looked at the judges sheets behind the desk when no one was looking but it was caught on camera. They get a warning. 

During the judges comment, Morphae feels very disappointed. After hearing she can’t present dark looks every week. She feels defeated. She explains she will not be able to change the way she is and ecides to leave in a very touching moment. She becomes the third queen of the season to sashay away.   

Star and La Veuve are safe. Alvilda is the winner for this episode. Gabanna is also in the top. Chloe is placed low but is safe anyway.    

Loulou is alone in the bottom because Morphae just left. Rita offers her to lipsync alone while being assured not to be eliminated. She then honours the song “I’m not your toy” by Netta.  

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