Singers Angèle and Mahmood release duo song Sempre/Jamais 

Fans of Angèle will be glad to learn she just released a new song “Sempre/Jamais” with Italian singer Mahmood. Mahmood is well known for Eurovision fans since he represented his country twice the last years and finished second with his song Soldi in 2019.  

The song Sempre/Jamais is on his just released album “Nei letti degli altri” that he will be performing on April 6th at Cirque Royal. Will Angèle be joining him on stage to gift the Belgian audience?  

After enchanting audiences worldwide with her Nonante-Cinq Tour until last September, the charismatic Belgian singer Angèle is back in the limelight, and this time, she’s joined forces with Italian sensation Mahmood, creating a musical masterpiece that transcends borders and languages. 

The collaboration between Angèle and Mahmood has given birth to the hit single “Sempre/Jamais,” a seamless blend of Italian and French sounds that has the LGBTQIA+ community in Brussels buzzing with excitement. From the first enchanting notes, it’s evident that this song is destined for greatness. 

The creative process behind “Sempre/Jamais” was an organic fusion of talent. Dardust, one of the song’s producers, revealed, “It was very instinctive, very fluid. We started with the melody of the chorus, a synth riff, and Angèle contributed some of the French lyrics.” The two artists invested two years in crafting this musical gem, eventually recording it in the vibrant city of Paris. 

This isn’t Angèle’s maiden duet; she has a penchant for making her mark beyond the French-speaking realm. Previously, she collaborated with Flemish artist Tamino on “Sunflower,” capturing hearts across linguistic boundaries. The internationally acclaimed duet with Dua Lipa, titled “Fever,” not only won over Anglo-Saxon audiences but also opened doors to the U.S. music scene, earning her an invitation to the prestigious Coachella festival. 

Now, Angèle has set her sights on captivating the Italian public alongside Mahmood. The song’s co-writer, Dardust, a highly sought-after Italian composer and producer, expressed gratitude to Angèle for her contribution to the creation of this remarkable piece. 

Mahmood, a pop star in Italy whose real name is Alessandro Mahmoud, gained recognition in 2012 on the Italian edition of the X Factor talent show. His Eurovision 2019 performance of “Soldi” transformed into a national anthem, earning the title of the most-listened-to Italian song on Spotify since the platform’s inception. 

Expressing his appreciation on Instagram, Mahmood thanked Angèle and added, “bb I love you, I can’t wait.” The connection between the two artists goes beyond music, embodying the spirit of collaboration and friendship. 

Angèle, with a repertoire of international collaborations under her belt, continues to break down linguistic and cultural barriers. Alongside her partnerships with French-speaking artists like Damso, Orelsan, and Philippe Katerine, the “Sempre/Jamais” collaboration reinforces her commitment to transcending borders and celebrating diversity through music.