Cendrillon, Ce Macho! Le Remix: A Contemporary Twist on a Classic Tale

Brussels’ Théâtre de la Toison d’Or (TTO) is once again pushing boundaries with its latest production, “Cendrillon, Ce Macho! Le Remix,” running from April 10th to June 1st. This reinvented classic, written by Sébastien Ministru and directed by Nathalie Uffner, promises a fresh take on the timeless story of Cinderella.

Breaking Stereotypes with Humor and Flair

At the heart of this production is a reimagining of Perrault’s fairy tale through an LGBTQIA+ lens. Ministru’s sharp script challenges traditional gender roles and fairy tale tropes, delivering a witty and politically charged narrative that resonates with contemporary audiences.

Revamped and Refreshed

For this 3.0 version, the creative team spared no effort in revitalizing every aspect of the show. From Sébastien Ministru’s revised script to Nathalie Uffner’s meticulous direction, every detail has been carefully polished to offer audiences a truly immersive and engaging experience.

An Electrifying Ensemble

The cast, featuring talents like Maxym Anciaux, Clément Corrillon, and Catherine Decrolier, breathes new life into familiar characters. With vibrant costumes by Carole Piron and Laurence Van H, captivating choreography by Jérôme Louis, and a pulsating soundtrack, the stage comes alive with energy and excitement.

A Celebration of Diversity and Inclusivity

“Cendrillon, Ce Macho! Le Remix” isn’t just a play – it’s a celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and the power of storytelling to challenge norms and inspire change. Whether you’re a seasoned theatergoer or a newcomer to the scene, this production promises an unforgettable evening of laughter, reflection, and sheer entertainment.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this modern twist on a beloved classic at the Théâtre de la Toison d’Or. Book your tickets now and prepare to be enchanted by “Cendrillon, Ce Macho! Le Remix.”

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