Edji Gallery Unveils Kevin Sabo’s Dazzling “Upper Crust” Exhibition

Edji Gallery in Brussels presents “Upper Crust,” a captivating new exhibition featuring the vibrant and bold works of American artist Kevin Sabo. Known for his dynamic exploration of gender expression and queer fantasy, Sabo’s art offers a powerful visual narrative that challenges conventional norms.

“Upper Crust” showcases Sabo’s latest series, which draws inspiration from the luxurious and extravagant fashion world. Influenced by cultural touchstones like the documentary “Paris Is Burning” and Madonna’s “Girlie Show” Tour, Sabo’s paintings capture the essence of opulent queer admiration. Each piece is a testament to the rich history of drag culture, blending historical context with contemporary themes of transformation and self-discovery.

Sabo’s works are characterized by bold patterns and vibrant fabrics, depicting figures in exaggerated poses that reflect both regalness and a playful sense of silliness. This exhibition marks a new direction for the artist, introducing more masculine elements alongside his signature feminine allure. Each pair of paintings contrasts “masc” and “femme” characters, exploring the fluidity of gender through striking visual contrasts.

Highlights of the exhibition include pieces like “Waspy Deluxe” and “Scope Creep,” where acrylic and pencil on canvas create a textured, immersive experience. The exhibition also features smaller works on paper, such as the “Untitled” series, offering a more intimate glimpse into Sabo’s creative process.

Kevin Sabo’s “Upper Crust” is not just an exhibition but a celebration of queer culture and its impact on the art world. Through his bold, imaginative works, Sabo honors the legacy of drag and its role in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.

Visit Edji Gallery at 15 rue du Page, 1050 Brussels, to experience Kevin Sabo’s “Upper Crust” from May 16th. For more information, contact hello@edjigallery.com or visit edjigallery.com.