New Podcast series: Queer Your EU to Amplify LGBTQIA+ voices in European institutions

As the European Parliament elections loom on the horizon, citizen participation in shaping the future of the European Union is paramount. ELMA and Forbidden Colours proudly unveil ‘Queer Your EU,’ a short podcast series aimed at elevating LGBTQIA+ perspectives in European politics.

Each episode delves into themes from discrimination to health, family rights, and combating anti-gender movements. Through conversations with EU policymakers, civil society representatives, and LGBTQIA+ associations, the series fosters understanding of challenges facing the community.

Recorded in Brussels, the heart of European decision-making, the series aims to be close to policymakers. Hosts Lisanne and Vincent explore the EU’s structure and LGBTQIA+ rights in the inaugural episode. Subsequent episodes feature discussions with MEPs.

Listen now to ‘Queer Your EU,’ advocating for an inclusive Europe for all : listen here on Spotify

Episode 1 :

Episode 2 :