Inaugural Festival Expressions Mixtes

The first edition of the Festival Expressions Mixtes, sponsored by Mr. Hassan Jarfi, is set to take place from June 13th to 16th, 2024, across various venues in Brussels, including the Bruegel Cultural Center, Hôte gallery, and Grand Carme. This initiative aims to celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community from all backgrounds, creating a space for dialogue and sharing through art and culture.

Expressions Mixtes transcends being merely an event; it serves as a rallying cry for tolerance, acceptance, and the celebration of diversity in all its forms. For its inaugural edition, the festival is committed to amplifying the voices, experiences, and stories of LGBTQIA+ individuals from diverse cultures and nationalities, providing a unique platform for often overlooked narratives.

The programming for this first edition is designed to surprise, educate, and inspire. It will feature artistic performances, exhibitions, debates, and concerts, showcasing artists and thinkers who embody and celebrate the richness and complexity of LGBTQIA+ identities.

Unseen realities of LGBTQIA+ individuals

At the heart of the event, the videobooth at the Bruegel Cultural Center will serve as a space for confession and sharing, where participants can freely express their life experiences, challenges, and hopes. These raw and moving testimonies will offer a window into the often-unseen realities of LGBTQIA+ individuals from various backgrounds.

The festival aims to be an accessible and inclusive gathering, where different aspects of LGBTQIA+ life are explored with respect and authenticity. It’s an opportunity for Brussels to showcase its commitment to inclusion and diversity.

“Participate in the Festival Expressions Mixtes with a pay-what-you-can approach: an initiative to ensure that everyone, regardless of budget, can celebrate diversity without barriers or discrimination. Your contribution, big or small, helps us build an inclusive space for all.”

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