Cuddles in Brussels finest hotel rooms!

The first “cuddle contact” campaign, launched by the Brussels Hotels Association in mid-February, was well received by the public.

Due to the pandemic, we were all forced by the restrictive measures to stay in Belgium and had to revise any vacation plans. Many citizens responded to the appeal of the hotel sector, which launched an action on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Hotel owners have therefore decided to extend the campaign to all weekends of March (from Friday to Sunday) and give everyone the opportunity to escape from the daily grind by spending the night in the finest hotel rooms at a friend’s price. An unusual situation calls for an extraordinary action! The hotel sector mobilises and offers a stay without quarantine on return.

For many Belgians and Brussels residents, it is also an opportunity to (re)discover their capital in a different way.

This initiative of the Brussels Hotels Association is supported by the Brussels Region and the City of Brussels.