Queer Future Club and Woodpecker Park celebrates Gemini Season

Are you longing for some outdoor queer events ? Queer Future Club and Woodpecker Park are going to please you this Friday June 11th with its mysterious event about Gemini Season 2021. What to expect ? For sure, music, drinks, and people and for the rest you’ll see. Let’s think about it by discovering the event’s teaser :

🌑 The second eclipse of Gemini season occurs encouraging astrology enthusiasts to use grace in their relationships and move forward with a loving mindset. 🌑

♊️ During this retrograde cycle, Mercury will be backspinning through its home sign of Gemini — and because it’s also currently Gemini season 2021, the retrograde effects may be amplified. ♊️♌️

Music by Louis Vogue / Nadine Adjani / Dj Lovepills / Azo

🔮Tarots by Coco Chamel 🔮

At Royal Park of Brussels on Friday June 11th.