Obsequeen translates emotions into sound

Obsequeen describes herself as a degenerate artist who masters the translations of emotions into sound objects.

Her debut release “Organn” is a record about love and duality that takes inspiration from Isidore-Lucien Ducasse’s poem ‘Les Chants de Maldoror’.

“The backbone of my art is like that scene in “Akira” when Tetsuo metamorphoses himself into this mass of formless flesh. Where all the little tasty slightly nasty things that I discover through life are what make up the nervous system (of my creations). I can’t say what my other inspirations are because I might be at a somewhat narcissistic stage of my life where I want to detach myself from all later artistic references to find my personal logorrhea.”

“I just have an urge to find myself a new catharsis every day, the Dionysian way that is like feeling my ribcage explode while emptying my insides from all the external parasitic organisms that have built up so I can feel better. Because if I don’t, it’ll all just rot away and settle in. When I create, there isn’t really any reasoning behind it, it’s just more like automatic writing. For me, this is the only way to extract things out of myself without trying to disguise them to vainly please public opinion. I’d definitely prefer to be considered indecent even if it’d lead to rejection.”

“The choice of sound objects is in and of itself stems from my subjective experience of life, it must resonate with my feelings of the moment. I just think in the past I’ve had this need to immodestly expose my traumas, kind of surgically removing the emotional tumours that were eating me up and trying to rebuild something healthy.”

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