Trauma Fauna exhibition at SHAME gallery

Discover SHAME gallery new exhibition: ‘TRAUMA FAUNA’ which explores the myth of the suffering artist.

The term ‘post-traumatic growth’ defines the positive psychological change that is experienced as a result of the struggle with highly challenging life circumstances.

Through overcoming difficulties we blossom, in many cases thrive. Art has long been accepted as a form of catharsis within this process. It can be an escape, a way through, or document an emotional transition. Artworks have the ability to provide insight and perspective to an audience, inciting emotion and empathy.

Through painting, sculpture, video, and performance the artists exhibited in Trauma Fauna utilise the power of their artistic practice to tell the ongoing story of human hardship, complete with humour, irony and fantasy to showcase the hope inherent in our immense resilience.

SHAME Gallery is proud to be the first fine art gallery in Belgium to focus on art that actively responds to discrimination. Shame challenges the status quo of the Belgian art market by representing contemporary artists from diverse, often marginalised backgrounds. Our gallery is a safe space to celebrate what had often been shamed, by giving space to creative expressions of freedom.

Artists included : antoine goossens / carlota juan / elio ticca / manu engelen/ mathew bohan / mathias vef / mathieu v. staelens / nathan french / nina vandenbempt / pol bourdellon 

Group shower at SHAME on Saturday 23rd April with performances by Nina Vandebempt and Prigari.