Blue Davis is here to truth bomb your fears and bs away.

Blue Davis is an upcoming R&B/Pop artist who plays a lot with electronic funk on his beats and snappy punchlines. His song “Done” is a statement of ownership and a cheeky call-out for all to stand up and own their truth. He released his first EP “Blue” last spring, a bilingual compilation of 3 songs where he reveals his sensitivity as well as speaks up about taboos and idealism.

Tell us about yourself: where do you come from, what you do, what you’re passionate about.

I am a young singer of Gabonese origin and I was born in Morocco and I’m 26 years old. I study communication in Brussels at the IHECS. I’ve been passionate about singing and dancing since I was 5 years old and I’ve been writing songs since… always. I dream of my art and love to travel the world to discover my musical universe!

Who are your inspirations and what are your career goals?

My biggest inspirations are Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Beyoncé. These artists are true pioneers in their art, they used their songs as a weapon to fight against social problems. Plus I really admire their work ethic. I want to inspire the world and have a long and happy career where I’ll be recognized worldwide for my talent and struggles.

Who is your biggest fashion icon (in the music industry) and why?

I love Prince’s style in the 80s because to me it embodied freedom!
Also Zendaya: the absolute epitome of grace and class.

Where do you feel best to be yourself, as a young black queer artist?

Even though it’s still a very stressful thing, I feel most comfortable when I’m on stage because it’s the only place where I can let go and sing from the heart

What do you want to see more of in the music scene?

I would like to see more freedom in the mindset, that people can just do what they like without having to categorize or define themselves.

Your first EP came out not so long ago, how does it feel, what made you go for it?

Wow, I’m very proud of myself because I was very afraid to start a project like this. I had no experience and I was afraid the project could be badly received. Fortunately, it wasn’t the case. At that time, I was mentally not in a good place and I felt that I had to say something for others could relate to it. I also wanted to express myself artistically and to show what I can do.

What more do you want to tell new listeners about your EP and your music in general?

My EP “Blue” is a story of 3 songs that tells the evolution of a crush from the beginning to the end. Through these songs, I show my most vulnerable part, my sensitivity and my idealism. As an artist I choose to make people dance with songs about difficult subjects, I want to remind everyone that our problems have solutions, and that life can be beautiful.