Trouble Festival : The NarcoSexuals.

Next week, acclaimed theater maker and visual artist Dries Verhoeven will be taking the stage at the Trouble Festival in Brussels with his latest performance piece, “The NarcoSexuals”. Set in a party house on the Kanaaldijk in Anderlecht, Verhoeven’s work delves into the world of sexual drug use among gay men.

The performance portrays a group of individuals who, fueled by desire and a longing for new experiences, venture out in search of sex like never before. Armed with drugs such as GHB or 3mmc, they defy social distancing norms and rebel against the loneliness that often haunts them. In a random living room somewhere in town, they come together, cuddle, talk, and engage in passionate encounters. They take care of each other, even as they push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable.

A new kind of sexual revolution.

Verhoeven’s work explores the growing trend of sexual drug use, particularly among gay men, and questions what motivates individuals to take such risks. As we approach the 40th anniversary of the gay liberation movement, Verhoeven suggests that we may be witnessing a new kind of sexual revolution, albeit one that is largely hidden from the outside world.

Trailer “The NarcoSexuals” by Dries Verhoeven

Dries Verhoeven, known for his boundary-pushing installations, performances, and happenings in museums, public spaces, and unconventional locations, challenges the relationships between spectators, performers, reality, and art. His work directly involves the audience, allowing them to steer their own experiences.

Tickets for “The NarcoSexuals” are selling quickly, but there are still a few available for the late time slots. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this thought-provoking and daring performance :