Celebrating 20 Years of Same-Sex Marriage: Manneken-Pis Gets a Fabulous New Suit!

Get ready to mark your calendars and celebrate a momentous occasion for love and equality! On 1 June 2023, the Rainbow House, in collaboration with Aldermen Delphine Houba and Lydia Mutyebele, is hosting an event to honour the 20th anniversary of same-sex marriage in style. The highlight of the festivities will be the presentation of a brand-new suit for the beloved Manneken-Pis. Brace yourself for a vibrant ceremony, dazzling performances, and a sense of unity that permeates the heart of Brussels.

The Official Costume Ceremony

At 5pm, the Maison Patricienne, Rue du Chêne 10, will come alive with excitement as Brussels city officials and prominent LGBTQIA+ associations gather to celebrate this significant milestone. The official costume ceremony promises to be a sight to behold, as the city’s cherished statue, Manneken-Pis, receives a dazzling makeover. Designed by the renowned artist Lion Ascendant Connasse, the new ‘Les noces de porcelaine’ costume will showcase a breathtaking array of rainbow colors, symbolizing the diversity and strength of the LGBTQIA+ community.

A Spectacular Show by Chez Maman

Following the ceremony, the evening’s festivities continue with a mesmerizing performance by the talented artists from Chez Maman, Brussels’ leading queer cabaret. Prepare to be dazzled by their electrifying energy, captivating acts, and unapologetic celebration of queerness. Chez Maman promises to bring a touch of glamour and joy, leaving everyone in awe and laughter.

Unveiling at the Manneken-Pis Fountain

The grand finale of the evening will take place at the iconic Manneken-Pis fountain. As the clock strikes, the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives – the unveiling of the stunning rainbow-colored costume adorning our beloved Manneken-Pis. Witness the joy and pride that fills the air as the symbol of Brussels is transformed into a proud emblem of love, inclusivity, and unity.

Join the Celebration

The Rainbow House, Aldermen Delphine Houba, and Lydia Mutyebele invite you to be part of this historic celebration. Come together with fellow advocates, allies, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community to honor the progress made over the past two decades and continue the fight for equality. The ceremony is open to all, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and love.

Photo : trougnouf (Benoit Brummer)