Proud in Anderlecht: Celebrating Diversity and Unity

Get ready to immerse yourself in a vibrant celebration of love, acceptance, and diversity at Pride in Anderlecht! On Saturday, June 17th, the queer community will come together at Rue du chapelain 1-7, 1070 Anderlecht (Espace Maurice Carême) to showcase their talents, share their stories, and promote inclusivity. With a diverse range of activities and events, Pride in Anderlecht promises a day of joy, empowerment, and cultural exchange.

Queermarket: Showcasing Artisans from the LGBTQIA+ Community

From 10 am to 4 pm, immerse yourself in a unique shopping experience at the Queermarket. Explore a traditional market transformed into a hub of creativity and self-expression. Discover a wide array of unique creations made by talented artisans from the queer and LGBTQIA+ community. From handmade crafts to vibrant artwork, the Queermarket offers a chance to support local talent while celebrating diversity.

Yoga Workshop: “Our Healing is Political”

Join the introspective celebration of “Our Healing is Political” during the yoga workshop. Embracing the theme of chosen mixité, this LGBTQIA+ inclusive session aims to provide a safe space for anyone who deviates from the cis-hetero norm. Through hatha yoga, participants will engage in self-discovery and connection with their bodies. It offers a momentary escape from the constant marginalization our communities face, fostering unity and self-empowerment. The workshop will take place from 10:30 am to 12 pm.

“La Route du Care” Exhibition and “Queez” Games Workshop

Embark on a journey of discovery, empathy, and education with the “La Route du Care” exhibition and “Queez” games workshop. Developed by Vulcana asbl, this interactive exhibition aims to raise awareness about the importance of “safer” spaces. Visitors can engage in dialogue and share experiences, shedding light on the oppression faced by women and LGBTQIA+ individuals in both public and private spaces. It serves as a starting point for self-reflection and encourages everyone to question existing systems of domination. The exhibition is designed to amplify voices and create a safer, more inclusive society.

Make-up Drag: Unleash Your Creativity

Step into the world of drag with the Make-up Drag stand. Artists will demonstrate their skills and showcase the artistry and beauty of drag. From glitter to moustaches, and stunning colored eyes, visitors can explore various styles and ask questions to the talented drag artists. Whether you’re a drag enthusiast or new to the scene, this experience will offer insight into the vibrant world of drag and inspire self-expression.

Other Exciting Events

In addition to the aforementioned activities, Pride in Anderlecht has an array of other events lined up. Enjoy a captivating DJ set, mesmerizing cabarets, an open mic session, and an electrifying show slam. These performances promise to captivate your senses and create an atmosphere of celebration and unity.

Join us at Pride in Anderlecht this Saturday, June 17th, for a day filled with love, acceptance, and diversity. Immerse yourself in a welcoming community that celebrates uniqueness and advocates for equality.