Le Vent des Cygnes: An Enchanting Stroll at Design Museum Brussels

Design Museum Brussels celebrates queer artistic expression with the event “Tales at the Museum” as part of Brussels Queer Graphics. Within this enchanting setting, the museum is delighted to host storyteller Aline La Sardine, who will take audiences on a captivating narrative journey with her tale, “Le Vent des Cygnes.” This story intertwines personal narratives, experimental music, and queer-lesbian memory to create a unique and immersive experience.

A Journey into Imagination

“Le Vent des Cygnes” is aking to a constellation of encounters with women, both contemporary and mythical. This tale invites us on a voyage to the Other World, where we meet hybrid beings known as swan-women. Drawing inspiration from ancient myths and traditional tales, this storytelling walk transports us through bubbles of stories, mythologies, and narratives of women and lesbians that echo across the ages.

An Inclusive Experience

Design Museum Brussels offers three moments for this visit: Wednesday June 21st at 15h00, Saturday June 24th at 11h30 and Friday June 29th at 19h00.

These moments are open to everyone, starting from 11 years old. Whether you are a lover of tales, an art enthusiast, or simply curious about exploring queer-lesbian memory, this experience promises a captivating dive into a unique universe.

Aline La Sardine, a talented storyteller, serves as both guide and narrator during this dreamlike journey. Her narrative skillfully intertwines elements of her own life with the queer-lesbian context, while exploring experimental sounds. She transports listeners beyond the boundaries of reality, where stories transform into powerful metaphors.

An opportunity to explore the world of queer art and storytelling

Design Museum Brussels and Brussels Queer Graphics present an exceptional opportunity to explore the world of queer art and storytelling. “Le Vent des Cygnes,” recounted by Aline La Sardine, offers an immersive experience where imagination meets collective memory. Don’t miss this captivating stroll and let yourself be enchanted by the stories of women and lesbians that transcend time.

Info and reservation (mandatory): info@designmuseum.brussels / 02 669 49 21 / Design Museum Brussels

Image : Design Museum Brussels