A Decade of Diversity and Unity: Stammbar’s 10th Anniversary Celebrations

As Stammbar, the iconic LGBTQIA+ establishment in Brussels, gears up to commemorate its 10th anniversary, we delve into a special interview with Frédérick Da Soghe, the spokesperson for Stammbar. Discover how this milestone not only celebrates a decade of unwavering support, diversity, and inclusion within the LGBTQIA+ community but also showcases how Stammbar has evolved while maintaining its identity as a cruising bar. Get ready for an exclusive insight into the exciting events and activities lined up from October 11th to October 22nd, as we celebrate love, acceptance, and unity in the heart of Brussels.

We’re excited to discuss Stammbar’s 10th-anniversary celebrations. Can you tell us what this milestone means for the LGBTQIA+ community in Brussels?

Frédérick Da Soghe (FDS): Absolutely, it’s a pleasure to be here. Stammbar’s 10th anniversary is a significant moment for our community. It’s a testament to the enduring support, diversity, and inclusivity that we’ve fostered over the past decade. We’ve become a symbol of unity and acceptance, and this celebration is a way of acknowledging the progress we’ve made.

Stammbar has evolved over the years. Can you share how the establishment has embraced inclusion while maintaining its identity as a cruising bar?

That’s a great question. Stammbar has always been a welcoming space, but we recognized the importance of embracing diversity even more. We’ve incorporated talks and discussions into our events to promote dialogue and understanding. While we continue to maintain our identity as a cruising bar, we’re also a place where everyone can feel comfortable and included.

Let’s dive into the anniversary events. Could you walk us through some of the highlights from October 11th to October 22nd?

Of course! We have a fantastic lineup of events planned:

Wednesday, October 11th:
• Opening Drink: A memorable start to our anniversary celebration.
• Opening Party with DJ Manuszko: Get ready to dance to electrifying electronic beats.

Thursday, October 12th:
• Naked Underwear Party with DJ F6R2E6D: A sizzling night awaits.

Friday, October 13th:
• Cigars & Leather with Cigar Berlin Men: An afternoon for cigar and leather enthusiasts.
• Fetish Night with DJ Max Joni and DJ Mukkimiauw: Explore your fetish outfits with renowned DJs.

Saturday, October 14th:
• Talk “Safer Space”: Join an essential conversation about creating safer spaces for all.
• Retro Night with DJ FreedomB: Step back in time for an unforgettable night.

Sunday, October 15th:
• Afternoon Naked with DJ Thom Leblanc: Enjoy our usual Sunday theme with music by Thom Leblanc.

These are just some of the events that promise excitement, inclusivity, and a celebration of our community’s diversity.

It sounds like an incredible lineup! Where can people find more information about these events and practical details?

For all the event details and practical information, we encourage everyone to visit our website. You’ll find everything you need to know about the celebrations and how to join us for this special occasion.

Before we wrap up, what message would you like to share with our audience regarding Stammbar’s 10th anniversary?

I’d like to extend a warm invitation to everyone, regardless of their background or identity, to join us in celebrating this milestone. Stammbar has always been a place of love, acceptance, and unity, and this anniversary is a testament to that spirit. We look forward to celebrating with our incredible community.

Website : www.stammbarbxl.com
Instagram : @stammbarbxl

Photo : Fred Da Soghe