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Drag Race Belgique season 2 first episode 

We’ve been waiting and it’s finally on! Start your engines, the first episode of the second season of our very own Belgian franchise finally aired and we are gagging. 

Drag Race Belgique is broadcasted every Thursday on Auvio and Sunday on Tipik. 

This is our review of the episode so this means that this article contains major spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, do that and come back later. 

This year, the winner will take home a crown, a scepter and a cash prize of 20.000€ like last year but also one year of Nyx cosmetics

The first queen entering the werkroom is Sarah Logan from Liège with a music-hall-themed outfit. She’s followed by Brussels queen Alvilda with a Venetian mask, a beautifully Picasso inspired dress and a funny as hell catchphrase “What’s on my face? Uh, beauty!”  

We then discover Star. Fun fact: she’s Drag Race Holland contestant Sederginne’s drag mother. Next queen is Madame Yoko, the very first contestant from Luxemburg for the entire Drag Race franchise. 

Four other contestants are coming from Brussels: the fierce and severe bearded La Veuve, Gabanna and her ass crack showing dress, the queen of draglesque Loulou Velvet and psychiatric alien creature Morphae. Star and Chloe Clarke are the Flemish queens of the season. 

Rita Baga finally appears and invites the queens to their first mini-challenge: a photoshoot on a unicorn riding machine. Absurde is not ridicule. The first mini-challenge winner is Alvilda! Rita announces that the maxi-challenge is a talent show in front of the first season’s drag artists 

While the queens unpack and untuck, they get to know each other. We learn that Star has been doing drag for 25 years while Morphae is only twenty-four years old. They then discuss how different it was to start drag when there was no internet or drag makeup tutorials on Youtube versus how so many young drag artists are emerging inspired by the show that’s fifteen years now. 

We move to the main stage to be introduced to the judging panel: Lio, the well-know singer has been promoted from being a guest judge last year to now replacing Lufy who’s left the show. Singer/actor Mustii is back for a sedond season. They are joined by two guest judges for this episode: Tv presenter and former Miss Belgium Tatiana Silva and Drag Race France’s very first winner Paloma

The talent show begins and we are impressed by Alvilda’s number dancing with flames even if she got us scared with a fall during the performance. La Veuve makes us laugh with her shady tarot reading sessions. We are mesmerized by Loulou’s burlesque feathers and glitter. We are also captivated by Morphae’s unexplainable piano ballad on IV.  

Unfortunately, Chloe Clarke completely bombs her dance performance lacking confidence on stage. 

The runway theme is “Drache Nationale” and let’s say our Belgian famous rain has never been so fashionable. We are mostly impressed by Morphae’s sad rain outfit, La Veuve’s puffy jacket dress, and Gabanna’s see-through raincoat. Chloe’s vinyle outfit is very impressing but out of theme. 

Sarah Logan, Star, Madame Yoko, and Loulou Velvet are safe and they can go untuck while the other queens get feedback from the judges. 

La Veuve and Alvilda are in the top but it is La Veuve who steals the first win. Morphae hears she’s safe. Gabanna and Chloe Clarke are the two queens lipsyncing for their lives on “Rain on me” from Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. Chloe wins the lipsync and gets to stay. Gabanna sadly has to sashay away. But wait! Looks like Rita wants to give Gabanna a second chance and announces a surprise double shantay. 

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