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Drag Race Belgique season 2 third episode 

Did you all have the chance to see this week’s episode yet? Drag Race Belgique is broadcasted every week on Thursday on Auvio and Sunday on Tipik.  

This is our review of the episode so this article contains major spoilers. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, do that and come back later.  

After Sarah Logan’s elimination, the queens are back in the werkroom. Chloe Clarke won the lipsync. It is time for her to wash away Sarah’s message on the mirror. 

It’s a new day in the werkroom, and for the mini-challenge, the queens must make explode balloons tight to the Frites Crew’s bottoms. The colours of the glitter inside the ballons separate them into two groups. 

The maxi-challenge is announced and it is a girl group challenge! The contestants must create a nineties inspired song with a verse for each girl and a group choreography. The first group is “Identitties” with Morphae, La Veuve, Alvilda, and Gabanna. The second group is “Slyc” with Chloe, Madame Yoko, Star, and Loulou Velvet. 

La Diva Live, the well-known singing drag queen visits the dra artists to discuss their ideas. As we already know, Gabanna and Yoko are singers but the other queens are not so confident about showing their vocal performances. To create the choreography, Loulou and Alvilda take the lead. Chloe doesn’t look really present during the sequence even if she previously told she was a dancing queen. 

Back to the werkroom, it’s time to get ready for the runway and to learn a little bit more about the queen’s childhood and teenage years. Yoko explains her teachers at school were not including her. Morphae and Alvilda explain they have been bullied and experienced physical violence. It resulted in Morphae having to be treated by a psychiatrist and be medicated. For Alvilda, it lead her to have suicidal thoughts. The art of drag helped them heal from these wounds. They encourage every young person that could be experiencing traumatizing facts to talk and get help. 

We move to the main stage and get together with the judges. Lio, Mustii and the guest judge: the influencer Gaëlle Garcia Diaz. Slyc performs the song “Attitude” and Identitties peforms “Be yourself”. Both tracks are hilarious but “Be yourself” seems the best one. 

The runway theme is “Art Nouveau”. We are unbelievably impressed by Alvilda’s warrior outfit. Gabanna and Chloe Horta-inspired outfits are also very beautiful. We are less impressed by Star’s Mucha-inspired outfit.  

Identitties is the winning girl group but the contestants are judged individually. 

Loulou, Morphae and Gabanna are safe. Alvilda is the winner for this episode. Chloe is also in the top. Star is placed low but is safe anyway.   

La Veuve and Yoko have to lipsync for their life on “Bruxelles je t’aime” by Angèle. La Veuve wins the lipsync and gets to stay. Yoko sadly becomes the second queen of the season to sashay away.  

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