TR Ericsson, California Sky (1963), 2020-2021 - Harlan Levey Projects

Experience the Queer Tours at Art Brussels 2024

This year, as Art Brussels marks its 40th edition, the fair continues to champion contemporary art with a special focus on inclusivity and representation. We at KET are thrilled to spotlight an exclusive event that aligns with our commitment to these values — The Gender diversity and inclusion tour  taking place this weekend and you can’t miss it.

Event Details:

When: Saturday, April 27th and Sunday, April 28th, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Where: Tours start and finish in Hall 5 at the info point near the entrance.
Languages: The tour will be available in French (FR) and English (EN).

A Tour with a Difference

Join us for a thought-provoking walk-through Art Brussels, guided by experts versed in the nuances of queer artistry and expression. These tours are designed to challenge conventional narratives and celebrate the rich diversity found within the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. Each piece selected for the tour is a gateway to understanding broader societal themes and personal stories through the lens of queer artists.

Everyone Is Welcome

The queer tours are open to all Art Brussels attendees and require no special tickets beyond the fair’s entrance pass. Ensure your participation in this enlightening event by booking your entry here. Whether you’re a dedicated art lover or simply curious about the insights queer art can offer, these tours promise meaningful engagement and new perspectives.

More Than Art

These tours are more than just a walk through an art fair; they are a vibrant celebration of queer voices and visions. They provide a platform for dialogue and reflection, pushing the boundaries of what art can represent and how it influences our understanding of identity and inclusion.

Join us at Art Brussels 2024 to delve into the transformative world of queer art. The meeting point is in Hall 5 at the info point near the entrance.