Christophe Gevers: The Architecture of Detail at Design Museum Brussels

From October 11, 2023, to March 10, 2024, the Design Museum Brussels invites visitors to delve into the universe of Christophe Gevers through its exhibition titled “Christophe Gevers: The Architecture of Detail”. This showcase isn’t merely a presentation of objects but a journey into the heart of Belgian interior architecture and design.

Fifteen years after his retrospective “Inventaire d’un inventeur” at the Foundation for Architecture, the Design Museum Brussels leverages the extensive furniture and documentary archives curated by Thierry Belenger, an expert in 20th-century Belgian design. Currently housed at the museum, Christophe Gevers’ archives were begging to be shared with the public, not as a simple monograph but as an exploration meant to examine and pass on his legacy.

Curated by Giovanna Massoni, the exhibition illuminates the contemporary relevance of Gevers’ approach, emphasizing aspects like artisanal production, functionality, and the choice of robust materials, which are integral to the interior architect’s work. Through this lens, visitors are invited to witness outputs of a truly boundless creative energy. Gevers’ prolific works from 1960 to 1980, characterized by minimalist lines and tactile materials, come alive in this space.

Notably featured are a collection of Gevers’ furniture and accessories. Standouts include the TBA chair, designed for the Taverne des Beaux-Arts in 1959, and the CG01 lamp created for the Cap d’Argent restaurant. Equally significant is the exposition of Gevers’ model collection, often preceding technical drawings, showcasing his unique approach to design.

Accompanying the display is a film by designer and director Alexandre Humbert, exploring the tangible and emotional traces left by Gevers’ work and examining the enduring impact of architectural gestures today.

At its core, this exhibition illuminates Gevers’ spirit. He became a designer as he was captivated by the present and saw the past as surpassed. Everything from his “material library”, workshop, graphic design endeavors, to the impressive collection of prototypes that preceded technical drawings, encapsulates Gevers’ distinctive touch.

Ultimately, this exhibition isn’t just about showcasing Gevers’ designs. It serves as a testament to the lasting influence of a designer who had a keen eye for detail at every stage of creation, transforming interiors into liveable, human-centric spaces. In doing so, “Christophe Gevers: The Architecture of Detail” shines a spotlight on the nuanced, yet underrepresented realm of interior architecture.

For design enthusiasts and historians alike, this is a must-visit showcase. Discover the legacy of a designer who, throughout his career, has effortlessly blended form, function, and the human touch.