Proximus Champions Transgender Awareness with “My Name is Violetta” on Pickx+

Proximus has taken a significant step in promoting LGBTQIA+ awareness. This summer, subscribers were treated to an exclusive documentary, “My Name is Violetta,” available on Pickx+, Proximus’s premium channel. This powerful documentary, focusing on the daily life and challenges of a young Spanish transgender girl, Violetta, underscores Proximus’s commitment to spotlighting underrepresented narratives.

Furthering its exploration of LGBTQIA+ experiences, Pickx+’s “.doc,” hosted by the astute Malou Vandercammen, aired a special edition centered on the LGBTQIA+ movement. The episode (in French) featured an impressive guest roster including Victoria PIYA, Véronique de Baets, Athena SOGERLIKIS, and Olivier FIGUS, all esteemed figures known for their substantial work and advocacy within the community.

The conversation, deeply enriched by the guests’ expertise and passion, pivoted around Belgium’s reputation as a global leader in LGBTQIA+ rights. It examined the country’s current cultural, legal, and social climate for the LGBTQIA+ community, thereby evaluating the validity of its esteemed status. Central to the discussion was the impactful story of “My Name is Violetta,” which served as a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggles faced particularly by the transgender community.

Proximus’s dedication to such critical content highlights its role as more than a television service provider. It stands as premium channel for education, empathy, and enlightenment, extending beyond entertainment to drive social change. The inclusion of these narratives in its programming, especially on Pickx+, manifests Proximus’s recognition of the media’s power in shaping perceptions and norms.

The third season of “.doc” is an ongoing testament to this commitment, inviting subscribers to engage with compelling content every Friday evening on channel 13 or on Through its insightful selections of documentaries and discussions, Proximus and Pickx+ continues to foster a more inclusive society that not only understands but also celebrates the spectrum of human experiences.