“Beyond The Fields”: A New Take on American Rurality at EDJI Gallery

DJI Gallery in Ixelles opens its doors to “Beyond The Fields,” a compelling exhibition that offers a fresh perspective on rural America through the eyes of two queer artists, Robert Martin and Holden Willard.

This exhibition, available from March 27th to May 3rd, 2024, in Brussels, invites you to step into a world where the simplicity of the countryside meets the complexity of queer identity.

Martin and Willard, hailing from the pastoral heartlands of Wisconsin and Maine, combine their unique artistic approaches to showcase the often unseen life of queer individuals in America’s rural spaces. Martin’s work harmonizes the untamed beauty of nature with queer existence, while Willard brings to the canvas the strength and warmth of human relationships in these tight-knit communities.

“Beyond The Fields” is a heartfelt exploration of self-discovery against the backdrop of America’s vast landscapes. The exhibition promises an introspective journey into the intertwined narratives of personal growth and environmental roots.

“Beyond The Fields is a statement, a conversation, and a horizon-expanding experience that Brussels is proud to host. Don’t miss this intimate look at the diverse paths to finding oneself amidst the tranquility of the American countryside.

Address: Rue du Page 15, 1050 Ixelles