Spirito’s ‘Gasolina’ Pioneers Inclusive Latin Nights

In the heart of Brussels, where the rhythm of the night pulses with a life of its own, a Latin-themed celebration known as “Gasolina” is breaking new ground. More than just a party, “Gasolina” is revolutionizing the Latin dance scene with an ethos of inclusivity that stands out in a sphere often marred by machismo. With its commitment to being LGBT-friendly and fostering an environment of respect, “Gasolina” is not just a place to dance but a sanctuary where diversity thrives and respect rules the floor.

At Spirito, a venue that epitomizes Brussels’ nocturnal magic, “Gasolina” has become the first Latino party that genuinely embraces everyone. Mauricio Coulon, the visionary co-organizer, puts it eloquently: “We aim to encapsulate the best of Latin parties while showcasing the characteristics that define Brussels’ nightlife: diversity creating a unique atmosphere of tolerance and sharing.”

This sense of unity was palpable in the party’s January debut, where nearly 900 attendees were enchanted by performances that melded Latin American fervor with the sensational flair of Ibiza.

The next chapter of this sensational series will unfold on Friday, March 22nd, 2024, and promises an even more dynamic showcase. In this edition, “Gasolina” turns the spotlight onto prodigious female talent, headlining with the sensational sisters Jade & Naïa, who have captivated hearts since their journey on The Voice Belgium and are now enchanting the world with their latest Spanish-language project.

Adding international flair to the lineup, Vanee, a Venezuelan DJ making waves with her vibrant sets straight from Ibiza, will take center stage. Her music bridges continents and her presence at “Gasolina” underscores Brussels’ status as a melting pot of global talent.

Meanwhile, DJs Samo and Mr Smith are set to return, bringing with them the sizzling sounds that have made them mainstays of the Latin-Belgian music scene, ready to whisk the night away with rhythms that guarantee no one will stay seated.

So mark your calendars for an unforgettable night at Spirito on March 22nd, 2024. Join us and be swept up in the “Gasolina” experience!