Charlotte BEVILACQUA : “The L Word was a revelation.”

Charlotte Bevilacqua, a recent cinema graduate from HELB, delves into directing after a documentary project on filming intimacy scenes, aiming to foster safer sets, earned recognition at film festivals, shaping her journey as a filmmaker.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

“I recently graduated in cinema from HELB. Initially, my focus was on technical roles like camera assisting, but a project on the dynamics of filming intimacy scenes shifted my path towards directing. This documentary, aimed at fostering safer environments for intimate scenes on sets, not only pushed my boundaries but also made its way into film festivals, a journey I’m deeply grateful for. Since then, I’ve ventured into directing a music video, embracing each project as an opportunity to learn and grow.”

What are your current or future projects?

“At the moment, I’m conceptualizing a short film. It’s still very early in the process, so the direction isn’t fully defined, but I’m excited about its potential. There’s another project I’m eager to develop further. Right now, these are my focal points, as I continue to navigate and shape my career in directing, cherishing the learning curve each project brings.”

What does being a part of the Brussels queer community mean to you?

“For me, integrating queer themes into my work isn’t a deliberate choice but a reflection of my own experiences. When I embarked on my documentary, it naturally featured lesbian representation, mirroring a part of my identity. I believe in the power of authenticity; my goal is to craft narratives that are not only true to myself but also resonate with the broader LGBTQ+ community, aiming to enrich the cinematic landscape with diverse and genuine stories.”

What are your queer cinema influences?

“While I wouldn’t call myself a queer cinema aficionado, certain films and shows have left a lasting impact. ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’ struck a chord with me for their profound storytelling. ‘The L Word’ was a revelation, opening a window to queer culture during my formative years. These pieces have significantly influenced my understanding of and connection to queer narratives.”

What Brussels or Belgian queer initiatives are you fond of?

“The film industry has a pivotal role in promoting genuine LGBTQIA+ representation, moving beyond stereotypes to depict multifaceted characters. Giving queer creators a platform to share their stories is crucial. My aspiration is for cinema to portray queer characters in their full complexity, showcasing the rich tapestry of experiences that extend beyond mere sexual orientation or gender identity, thus fostering a more inclusive and empathetic society.”

Photos : “Dilemme of Modern Sex Simulation” I @tirag.e