Bogat’s Book Club: Queer stories to add to your reading list

Hungry for some queer culture to colour up the monochrome days of confinement?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our suggestions of rainbow books to add to your reading list.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf

This revolutionary novel from Jamaican writer, Marlon James, has everything that a gripping modern fantasy requires: ancient African mythology, Machiavellian political twists, dark and mystical landscapes and last but not least a handful of queer characters we never knew we needed.

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What’s it about?

Black Leopard, Red Wolf tells the story of Tracker, a man with the nose and extraordinary skill to seek out the living or the dead within the realms of The Thirteen Kingdoms of Africa.

Although he usually works alone, this time Tracker joins a band of misfits to find a lost child. His companions – a witch, a demigod, a giant, and a shape-shifting leopard – are not only dangerous but all of them are hiding their own secrets that could risk the future of the mission and the fate of the mysterious boy who has disappeared.

Tracker will need all of his wits and courage if he wants to solve the case and make it out alive.

Is it worth reading?

Marlon James’ unique world is vivid and hallucinatory; his language is brimming with electricity and rage.

Black Leopard, Red Wolf is not an African Game of Thrones – it’s so much better!

We simply can’t wait for the two upcoming parts of his trilogy.

You can find this book in the library of Etterbeek!

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