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Here are KET’s what to watch recommendations from KET Talks Podcast episode 03.

It’s fair to say, with the booming success of streaming platforms such as Netflix or HBO Max, series and movies from every corner of the world became accessible to a wider audience than ever before. Simultaneously, their hit shows like Pose, Sense8, Euphoria or Legendary, centre on LGBTQI+ stories and the lives of queer people.

Your named engraved herein

Our recommendation for this week was not only the most popular film in Taiwan in 2020 but also the highest-grossing LGBTQI+ movie in the country’s history.

Your name engraved herein – a romantic drama directed by Patrick Kuang-Hui Liu, tells a poignant story of two male high-school students and how their timid friendship turns into a much deeper bond.

While A-han and Birdy are struggling to come to terms with their growing feelings for each other, they also have to navigate Taipei’s homophobic society and fight against the relentless family pressure to live an “honourable” life.

Liu’s beautifully photographed movie gives us a perfect example that queer people exist not only in the western world and remind us that their stories deserve to be heard, seen and celebrated.

It’s a Sin

The name of Russell T Davis is a 100% guarantee for quality entertainment, witty characters and high intensity drama. You may know some of his hit TV series such as the original British Queer as Folk, or the terrifyingly eerie dystopian family saga, Years and Years.

His highly anticipated latest creation, It’s a Sin, first premiered on television network Channel 4 in January 2020 and later on HBO Max.

It’s a Sin depicts the devastating decade of the AIDS crisis from 1981 to 1991, through the eyes of young queer people in London.

Our dazzling protagonists – one of them played by Olly Alexander, lead singer of the British music band Years & Years – are ambitious, full of dreams and aspirations. However, their lives are soon turned upside down by the newly discovered HIV virus.

The heart-wrenching mini-series showcases brilliantly not only how members of gay community reacted to the first cases of AIDS-related deaths but also how the sick were abused or blatantly ignored by hospitals, the police and the British government in the early days of the pandemic.

Of course, It’s a Sin is not only about the trauma that still reverberates in our lives today, it’s also about the incredible power of friendship, about the will to survive, to be loved and to love full-heartedly until the very end.

Prepare those tissues, tears are guaranteed!

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Bogat’s recommendations in KET Talks podcast episode 03