Aiwa! Arabic slang for “Oh yeah?! What the hell?”

Lagrange Points presents “AIWA!” a one month long program dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ in the Arab world and diaspora.

AIWA! Is a tribute to Sarah Hegazi and the LGBTQIA+ in diaspora. Sarah Hegazi was an Egyptian LGBTQIA+ activist. She was arrested, imprisoned and tortured in Egypt for three months after flying a rainbow flag at a Mashrou’ Leila concert in 2017 in Cairo. Hegazi lived with PTSD resulting from the prison torture she had experienced in Egypt. She was granted asylum in Canada, living there until her suicide in 2020 at the age of 30.

Throughout the program, the purpose is to pay tribute to Sarah Hegazi, who we lost in exile, due to the systematic institutional and social oppression that individuals who do not conform to heteronormative identities face. Come and celebrate Sarah’s life and inspirational journey, preserve her legacy, and persevere in the struggle for social justice. Although Sarah left the physical world, AIWA! Is aimed at keeping her spirit alive.

Lagrange Points is co-organising the program in collaboration with Samandal and XENO.

Aiwa! Is the product of a process where researchers, artists and curators, transform a narrative into an artistic expression, bringing it to the public space.

The program includes exhibitions, debates, books presentations and signings, tributes, movies, performances and workshops.

from 03 – to 13 JUNE – Habibi – Art Expo on LGBTQIA+ Muslims – Sami Ammar

The stories and artworks in this expo reveal a struggle between two worlds: the world of parents and that of LGBT’s. Trapped between hope and fear, expectations and dreams, speaking and silence, denial and acceptance, family and sexuality, God and themselves, LGBT Muslims are mostly looking for love; for someone they can call habibi – my sweetheart. Sami Ammar is a young and upcoming Moroccan-Belgian artist and wishes to remain anonymous.

12 JUNE – 5PM – Habibi – Booktalk on LGBTQ Muslims – Wim Peumans & Omar Nahas

In this booktalk writers Wim Peumans & Omar Nahas will discuss two of Wim’s books, the award-winning ‘Queer Muslims in Europe’ (Bloomsbury) & ‘Habibi’ (Uitgeverij Vrijdag). In English!

13 JUNE – 5 to 7 PM – Sarah Hegazi A Tribute

On the 13th, we mark a year without Sarah, and we would like to dedicate the entire day to her memory. A ‘reading’ of her unforgettable and inspiring writing will be presented. Videos and documentaries showcasing her activism and legacy will be screened. Last but not least, in celebration of her life, LP will play a selected playlist of her favorite songs throughout the day. On this day, we hope to share how much she meant and still means for those who knew her or of her.

18 JUNE – 6PM – Sara Baraka Performance and  “AMINE” – Movie Screening

from 18 to 30 June – Expo – Samandal Collective

Starting from the 18th of June four members from Beirut based Samandal Collective: Barrack Rima, Nour Hifaoui, Lena Merhej and Joseph KaÏ will showcase and present some of their exceptional comic art at Lagrange Points.

19 JUNE – 5PM – Barrack Rima & Nour Hifaoui – Book presentations

25 June – 5PM – Queer Cinema

“The End of Time” by Akram Zaatari – “Tomorrow everything will be alright” – “Red Chewing Gum” 

26 June – 5PM – Workshop and Book presentation by Lena Merhej & Joseph Kai

Poster credit : © Barrack Rima