Trio (for the beauty of it), artistic disciplines and genres blending together

Three contemporary dancers, Ivorian coupé-décalé star Ordinateur, New York voguing star Alex Mugler and Mexican urban dance specialist Carlos Gabriel Martinez, will share the stage at Le 140 on November 8 and 9. 

Trio (for the beauty of it), is the meeting of three artists brought together by the Berlin-based director Monika Gintersdorfer.

Each performer masters the history and codes of their dance while participating in its transnational expansion and evolution, the result of new influences. While these styles could be opposed or confronted, here they exchange and become hybrid with talent. The boundaries between continents, artistic disciplines and genres are blurred to blend together.

The encounter of those three performers intends to resist all temptations of isolationism, opposing it with inventivenesś and sharing. Like an explorer, the spectator travels between these different worlds that discover and tame each other, uniting throughout the show. A performance with generous and communicative energy carried by the mix of music and dance.

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