Vostock: You can always have a great night out for 8 euros in Brussels!

The event is called “Vostock Warehouse Rave” and it took place at the end of this endless festive weekend of November 1st. As a setting for this rave party, La Zinz, avenue du Port 49, we are just opposite Tour et Taxis on the edge of the canal. A vast warehouse, accommodates around 300 people, in the middle of it, an improvised tent, under which, a play of light and a sound system broadcasts electro music that is good for the ears.

Rather young, trendy and mixed audience, you quickly feel at ease and quickly discover that the evening is really inclusive… Inclusive, by the presence of this diverse audience, a true reflection of what makes a successful night in Brussels today today.

This evening is also inclusive because it is accessible to as many people as possible, thanks to an unbeatable price. An entry at the suggested price of 5 euros, and a beer for 1 euro is the winning combination for a successful evening. The evening started at 6 p.m. and ended at 10 p.m., for me a budget of 8 euros and in addition I had a few happy hours of very good music in a safe and welcoming place. The line up welcomed Bon Public (Magma collective), Moogly (Insonitus Records/BoOMshankar prod) and of course to conclude Johan Vosto.

Behind this organization Johan Vosto (real name Joeri Jessen), the young man started underground parties in resistance to the corona crisis for young people looking for an outlet. Before that, Johan had decided to distance himself from the country and for that he had simply equipped a van to offer “the drive-by discotheque” almost everywhere in Europe.

Joeri Jessen, close to 30, has been a DJ and producer for more than ten years. His ears and his hands were trained in Limburg, then in Louvain and now Brussels.

To date, Johan Vosto and consorts have organized around thirty parties in various public places in Brussels, from the Atomium to the Bois de la Cambre via a disused tunnel. He told our colleagues from Bruzz that he never asked for a permit for any of these parties. “To my surprise, the first time, I didn’t see any police. Besides, I always honestly explained that I had no authorization. If there were noise pollution complaints I had to stop, but the police themselves never made it a big deal, also because there was always such an open, cheerful and accessible atmosphere I think . During all this time, I only got one PV. (laughs)”.

Johan is moving to a more professional phase for the organization of his parties and this, while wanting to keep the free party side of the beginnings. And, the least we can say, for having experienced it yesterday, is that it’s very successful. In short, we advise you to search on your favorite social networks, the discreet information of the next evening of Johan Vosto.

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