Oh Boy – an exhibition of photography by Simon Loiseau and Jayson Batut

“At first, the idea was simply to document my friend Jayson’s gender transition…” explains Simon Loiseau – a recent graduate of the Agnès Varda School of Photography. “Our photographic encounters became moments of exploration of ideas, materials, and – above all – new representations.”

“Our special relationship allows us to create a space and time that is both safe and reflective…” adds Simon. “These photographs allow us to make visible Jayson’s change, to capture a life path that is rarely shown to us.”

“Simon and I are close friends…” says Jayson. “Through his eyes, Simon is an intimate witness to my transition. Through his eyes, I see myself changing. It’s a poetic and sensual dialogue, a record of my journey as the new gay man I am becoming.”

“In this series of photographs, I feel visible through the details…” continues Jayson. “It is an entry into my flesh that craves change, desire, the urge to grow and explore.”

Oh Boy will be exhibited at the Stam from 3 February.

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