Culture-watch: Sans titre ni bite

Currently on stage at Théâtre de la Vie is Sans titre ni bite.

Charlie is someone on whom everything smiles in life. His work in the corporate world ensures him a comfortable lifestyle. His parents are proud of him, his friends admire his success, his wife doesn’t complain too much when he cheats on her. Life is perfect for Charlie.

Then one day, Charlie wakes up with his dick missing.

How can you be a man when you don’t have a dick? For Charlie, the journey has only just begun.

Using humour and cabaret, Sans titre ni bite questions gender and masculinity.

“In building myself as an artist, I had no Queer representation in institutional theatre…” explains Emmanuël Hennebert – writer and performer of the piece. “I hope that this show, among others, will help change that in a joyful way. Because this show is all about joy. The joy of cabaret and safer spaces, of course, but also the joy of creating a diverse community. The joy of bringing together different realities, different bubbles, in a very polarising world. A political and urgent joy.”

Sans titre ni bite will run at Théâtre de la Vie until 8 April