Queer Mais Trash is back

Queer Mais Trash, the non-binary festival that takes place a few days before Pride, returns for three evenings of screenings, concerts and parties! Queer Mais Trash is the LGBTQIA+ version of the Brussels festival Courts Mais Trash. For the 2023 edition, they have prepared a slightly lighter version in quantity, but high level in quality.

On 10 and 11 May, the best LGBTQIA+ films from the last Courts Mais Trash festival will open the festival, followed by a 100% unreleased session and the very, very explicit “Queer Mais Super Sex” session.

On Friday 12 May, Café Central will be occupied to unveil the Prize List, of which the public will be the only judges, and it will close with a concert by David & Mat, followed by DJs Arthur Scott and Karo V. This “After Queer Mais Trash” is free!

Queer Mais Trash, like Courts Mais Trash, is THE festival that allows independent films that don’t always find their place elsewhere to exist and circulate. These films, grouped under the term “Trash”, are not necessarily provocative or shocking. They are also, and above all, alternative, political or offbeat.

The aim is also to open up LGBTQIA+ culture and make it accessible to as many people as possible. The festival is interactive because the jury is composed exclusively of the public, who are invited to vote. The proximity between the directors and the festival’s spectators is unique and has a considerable social impact on the public, who become actors in this underground revolution! The winning directors will share 500€.

In practice :

From 10 to 12 May 2023 at the Aventure cinema, Rue des Fripiers, 15 in Brussels.

Tickets available on the cinema’s website and on the spot.