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Be the Nightlife Change-Maker: Brussels Needs Your VoiceNightlife

In the bustling heart of Brussels, the nightlife scene has always been a vibrant tapestry of music, culture, and diversity. Yet, surprisingly, there is a glaring lack of comprehensive data about this vital aspect of the city’s identity. To address this gap, Visit.brussels, in partnership with the Brussels Council of the Night and a coalition of key organizations, including STIB, Bruxelles Mobilité, Safe.brussels, Brussels By Night Federation, Fédération Horeca, and 24hbrussels, has embarked on a groundbreaking investigation.

Shining a Light on Brussels’ Nighttime World

The primary aim of this research is to collect concrete data about the psychological, economic, and social impact of nightlife on the Brussels community. By doing so, it seeks to identify factors that contribute to satisfaction and potential areas for improvement. The survey, which began earlier this year, has already garnered responses from over 2,100 individuals, primarily from the electronic music scene. However, the organizers are determined to ensure that all voices are heard and are actively seeking input from aficionados of various musical genres to create a more comprehensive representation of the city’s nightlife.

Your Voice Matters: Join the Conversation

If you are a part of Brussels’ nightlife, whether you groove to electronic beats or sway to different musical styles, your participation in this survey is essential. The survey remains open until September/October, providing ample time for you to share your experiences, insights, and suggestions. By participating, you become an integral part of the efforts to shape the future of nightlife in Brussels.

What Lies Ahead

The data collected from this survey will be meticulously analyzed and presented to the Brussels Council at the end of 2023. The findings will be instrumental in informing various working groups focused on mobility, prevention, safety, and more. Moreover, this invaluable data will enable the community to advocate more effectively on a political level, demonstrating the sector’s economic and well-being impacts.

In conclusion, Brussels’ nightlife is more than just music and merriment; it’s a crucial component of the city’s identity and culture. Visit.brussels and its partners are committed to ensuring that every voice is heard, and that the future of the nightlife scene reflects the diversity and inclusivity that makes Brussels truly special.

Join the conversation, be a part of the change, and help shape a brighter and more inclusive future for Brussels’ nightlife : survey

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