Countdown to Listen Festival: Today In-Focus Listen: Lefto Early Bird presents ‘Motherless Father in movement’

As the Spring Break holidays unfold from March 26 to 31, music enthusiasts in Brussels are gearing up for an extraordinary experience with the return of Listen Festival. This celebration of music and diversity will feature 105 artists in 18 events across 12 different locations.

Today in Focus – Lefto Early Bird’s ‘Motherless Father in Movement’: Where Music and Movement Converge on March 30 at Bozar

Lefto Early Bird, a notable figure in the music scene and an icon in Brussels, introduces ‘Motherless Father in Movement’, an innovative audiovisual dance performance. The performance, featuring Isabelle Clarençon, Joffrey Anane, Rashad Zangaba, and Kassy Bondoko, promises a unique exploration of music and movement. This audiovisual contemporary dance performance is a testament to Lefto’s profound passion for music, dance, and art. Delving into a unique blend of club, spiritual music, and jazz, Lefto has curated an album set to release in 2024.

Also on the menu of Bozar, or the Palais des Beaux-Arts, a cultural fort in Brussels, Joe Armon-Jones

Adding to the melodic mix, Joe Armon-Jones brings his jazz-infused melodies to the stage, contributing to the diverse sounds at Bozar.

As the countdown to Listen Festival continues, the anticipation grows for this unique convergence of music, dance, and art at Bozar. Don’t miss the chance to experience Lefto Early Bird’s creative brilliance and the immersive ‘Motherless Father in Movement’ performance – a standout in the festival’s diverse lineup, as well as Joe Armon-Jones magic of Jazz.

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