Pride – Story of an unusual alliance

In our most recent KET Talks podcast of KET Magazine, we talked about the importance of reaching out to straight allies who can help us create a safer and more inclusive world. This week’s movie recommendation can serve as a great example of how different communities can come together and support each other in their need. Here we go ! Pride, the British historical comedy-drama written by Stephen Bereshford and directed by Matthew Warchus, was first released in cinemas in 2014 and later in the year won the Queer Palm Prize in Cannes Film Festival. Its success is due to its uplifting story told with lots and lots of witty English humour.

In 1984, the conservative British government, led by Margaret Thatcher, the infamous Iron Lady, is closing down mining pits one after another in the name of economic reform. This drastic industrial change leaves thousands of miners without any jobs or employment, and pushing mining villages into aggravating poverty. As a response, the mining unions are organizing country-wide strikes, protests and marches. Tensions are running high and clashes with the authorities are inevitable out on the streets.

Mark Asthon, a charismatic gay right advocate seeing the police crackdowns, feels that the gay community, which is also dealing with state propagated bullying and police brutality, has a moral obligation to stand up in solidarity. He and a handful of gay and lesbian activists launch their unusual campaign called “Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners a.k.a LGSM” to collect funds for a small Welsh-town and their residents to keep up their strikes and protests.

Two very different worlds collide, merge and form a unique bond in a hilarious, moving and unforgettable way. The quick-witted and sparkling dialogues are to die for, and the scenes are brimming with scintillating British humour. The comedic brilliance of Imelda Staunton, Bill Nighy or Dominic West is a joy to watch while the dramatic twists and turns will move you to tears.

The KET Talks podcast team loved this movie, because it shows the possibilities what an intersectional, inter-generational alliance between people with different sexual identities can achieve with the power of empathy. Not to mention, the many classic pop 8O’s soundtracks that will make you want to dance and sing along with the characters.

And to give you a little wisdom from the movie, here is one of our favourite quotes that perfectly illustrate the importance of queer-straight alliances: “When you’re in a battle with an enemy that’s so much bigger, so much stronger than you, to find out you had a friend you never knew existed, well that’s the best feeling in the world.”

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