Speculoos biscuits – the world’s favourite snack?

Speculoos biscuits have taken the world by storm. The small, individually wrapped sweet biscuits that you get with a coffee, are now officially one of the world’s favourite snacks.

These Belgian-made biscuits aren’t new – we’ve been enjoying them for decades. But it seems that the rest of the world has finally caught on.

Manufactured by food company, Lotus, in English-language countries the Speculoos biscuits are sold under the brand of Biscoff.

Foodies around the world have discovered that there’s a lot more that you can do with a Speculooos than just munch it with your coffee – they can be spread on toast, added to a latte, combined into an espresso martini, and baked into cakes.

One of the factors that has resulted in Speculoos biscuits getting the spotlight appears to have been the Covid-19 pandemic. If you were stuck at home, making content for Instagram or TikTok, then finding innovative ways to elevate the humble Speculoos was a popular challenge. With a base of brown sugar and cinnamon, there’s really no limit to what you can do with a Speculoos.

The buzz about the biscuit is good news for the manufacturer, Lotus. Lotus is reporting surging global sales and is investing in increased production.

This is all very good news for biscuit lovers.