Playback: Queer Cabaret Show Transforms Christmas at La Vénerie

The renowned cabaret spectacle, “Playback,” is making a grand return to La Vénerie for an extraordinary Christmas edition, promising to be more impressive than ever. Following the incredible success of its Pride edition at Espace Delvaux, the teams reunite with immense joy for another phenomenal collaboration.

Transforming Brussels’ Cultural Landscape

“Playback” is a nomadic queer show that has revolutionized the cultural landscape of Brussels. It offers entertainment that is as impactful as it is activist. The performances challenge norms and genres, mock conventionalities, celebrate the magic of individuality, and envision a gentler future.

A Unique Take on Christmas

This special Christmas edition of “Playback” intends to redefine the festive season in multiple ways. Eight artists will reimagine this sacred day, turning traditional Christmas symbols like the tree, gifts, and the sacred birth on their head. Prepare to see Christmas in a whole new light.

The Lineup: Celebrating Queer Excellence

This year’s show boasts an impressive lineup of queer talent, ensuring the nativity scene is as queer as it gets. The stellar cast includes Drag Couenne, Lolla Wesh, King Baxter, Babouchka Babouche, Paula Roid, Diphusa, Shlaggy Daddy, and Blanket la Goulue. They promise to deliver performances that are as thought-provoking as they are entertaining.

Event Details

Don’t miss this extraordinary event. Join us at Espace Delvaux of La Vénerie on December 15 and 16 for a Christmas experience like no other. Get ready to be dazzled, entertained, and moved by the power of queer expression.

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